Why is your skin type important?

This is very important. If you use unsuitable makeup that does not suit your skin type, then side effects may occur. If you use make up for oily skin when you have a dry skin type, then your skin will age. However, the opposite will mean that your pores will be blocked, leading to acne.

Types of Skin

There are various skin types that we may know of but the majority can be divided into the 3 below types.

  1. Dry: This means that your skin is dry.
  2. Oily: Skin with lots of secretion of sebum
  3. Neutral: This is a normal skin type that’s soft and neutral.

However, there is not normal skin type, this would be the skin of babies. They do not have hormones that secret sebum so only babies have the normal skin type.

Therefore, we can all be categorized into dry and oily skin or in between.

What skin type are you?

Let’s look at each skin type. However, before that, your skin always changes like your clothes. In summer, we wear summer clothes and in winter we wear suitable clothing for winter due to the weather.

This is the same for your skin. In summer, you will have lots of sweat and have oily skin but in winter you will become dry and your skin type will become dry.

If you are in extremely cold weather like Russia, then your skin becomes dry but if you’re in a warm country like Singapore or Thailand, then your skin will become sweaty and oily. Therefore, your skin type changes depending on you and your surroundings. Therefore, don’t settle on one type of skin but make sure that you’re adapted for each season.

Oily Skin

Many men think that they have oily skin. However, that’s not true. This skin type is really difficult to find in people. You might realize that you have oily skin at the end of the day when you come home but dry skin also produces oily skin due to the mixture for sebum and make up products that you use.

You can say that you have an oily skin when you have lots of sebum secretion within 2 hours after washing your face and when you have not put on any products on your face. That is when you can safely say that you have an oily skin type. But this may differ on the type of cleanser that you use.

Dry Skin

This skin will not produce a lot of sebum within 2 hours of cleansing your face. You can use oil paper after washing your face with a cleanser. After 2 hours of washing your face, without any lotion or make up on, paste oil paper onto your face, then check for the amount of oil on the paper. In majority of the cases, your skill will be of the dry skin type.


After finding out the type of your skin, you will need to decide on the make up product that you will use.

Those with an oily skin type will need to use products that are of a gel type. Lotions with moisturizing effect but with reduced amounts of oil in the product.

Those with a dry skin type will need to use moisturizing creams with oil and moisturizing effects to balance out the oil, water balance within the skin.

So make sure that you use appropriate make-up that goes along wit your skin and we hope that your skin recovers and glows brighter than ever!