When you go on vacation? For celebrities

Hello Hello?

Now the full heat has begun

Have you taken out all the fans?

What else can we do?

Vacation! Vacation! Vacation

Perhaps everyone is preparing to go to the mountains or to the sea!

Be sure to go on a holiday!

I will tell you the items you need to organize

Clean looking rattan back & hat

Sneak at celebrities Insta from nw on

Back of the rattan material and hat can be seen

Due to the characteristics of the material, rattan, which has a light and cool appearance, has a long girder length in the summer

Easy to wear T-shirt + pants

If you have a lightly styled rattan material item, you are a celebrity!

Even without special styling

Rattan can give a nice feeling

I want to shine even more on vacation ~~

If you are planning a vacation at the resort now, make sure to prepare the backs and hats of the rattan material!

Essential for fashion, sunglasses

In fact, recently sunglasses are worn throughout the seasons

It should be worn unconditionally on a vacation

Photos of vacation taken without sunglasses

For example,

Colorful style and

It’s like a product with bold design that stands out ~~

Try it this summer vacation ~~

Brave style sunglasses on vacation

Always welcome ~~

Conditions that affect travel, healthy functional food

The most important thing in traveling is your health!

It’s important to have beautiful clothes, bags and beautiful photos!

But it’s your health that determines everything.

So make sure to eat healthy!

Health supplements that celebrities eat at their destination are for the following symptoms:

With sleep nutrition to prevent difficulty of sleep

Prevent your skin from being damaged by hot sunburn

We are also celebrities and more beautiful on vacation!

* Click on the image to go to that site

I hope you have a happy holiday!

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