The true form of chic fashion for this summer

Vintage No, Modern Chic

“Crochet” means hook in French, and it is a generic term for knitting methods using crochet. That’s why it has a strong sense of vintage, and I ran into a modern chic mood on the runway this season. As Oscar de la Renta, you can give points by changing the size of the crochet pattern, or you can change the motifs of nets, flowers, etc. like the self portrait collection, and the one-way look is a good sample. An elegant and elegant evening look is completed.


The celebrities also chose that

 I am in a romantic but relaxing atmosphere. The fact that the crochet items are seasonless! Especially in the summer season, cropped tops and vests are not heavy and are mainly used for layered items that give a point look. Pastel tone color crochet crop top like Alberta Pellety is a hot item that can be seen occasionally with paparazzi cut from overseas celebrities such as Kendall. Layering the crochet vest on top of an extravagant white dress like Ulra Johnson creates a unique, bohemian look.


Such a sexy crochet

The crochet is romantic and throws away prejudice. See-through use of crochet items makes you look like this. Depending on how you choose the material and color, the crochet can produce various shapes, but if you choose a dark, light thread, it will gently wrap the body and a natural line will survive. In particular, the leg silhouette appears dimly, and the high-quality, sexual mood is doubled, unlike pants and a bottom item such as a skirt.


Destiny encounter with Ratan

If you’re new to crochet items, let’s start with the closest bag. A unique, open-minded crochet back is a must-have item for a bohemian look. On the other hand, choosing a pastel crochet backpack will complete a new vintage look that stimulates romanticism.


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