Style star special exercise method?

Long stretch, strong muscles

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TRX stands for Total Body Resistance Exercise, a movement developed by Land Hattrick from the US Navy Special Forces in 1997. Lifting belts, parachute webbings, etc. from the tank to maintain the best condition on the battlefield. It is difficult even for a considerable number of men to do easily. Depending on the area to be reinforced, it is possible to exercise various movements, such as holding the suspension bar on the foot and performing push-up operations or holding the rows in both hands and squat operation. Because it is a resistance exercise using its own weight, exercise intensity can be determined according to the state of the person’s muscular strength, and it goes without saying that posture correction can be used to increase the muscle mass of the core muscles and back muscles and joints. Also excellent. You can find the TRX mechanism without difficulty in the fitness center recently, so please refer to it.

Maximum muscle making 

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The slow training, called the Kim Jonah movement method, literally moves muscles at a very slow speed. General speed exercise will use a lot of outside muscles, but slow training, the principle of stimulating the muscles inside and burning it down to the deep region in the body. A typical example is to perform slowly over one minute by concentrating on the movement and posture instead of one squat. With the hips extended, the knee is slowly bent for 30 seconds to maintain the squat posture, and the knee is slowly extended again in 30 seconds. You can feel that the muscles within can become firm even if you invest about 10 minutes a day 2-3 times a week.

Elegant and fun lines

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All the movement in the world is a diet-like legend like Oku Joo Hyun’s special movement method that has been in a rush. I will play Tanchu, which was introduced in the diet tips of many celebrities such as Park Shin Hye, Oh Yuna, Yun Seung Awa, Son Dam Bi. Tantu Play learns Pilates for rehab after being injured during the performance by contemporary dancer Kim Yuna. A movement created by combining Pilates and ballet based on contemporary dance. It is effective in balancing the body and picking up the shapes of the abdominal and upper and lower body muscles.

Efficiency is the best! Certain aerobic exercise

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Aqua-bike is for the treatment of “overuse syndrome” in which Han Hee-jin repeats the same movement or forces a specific part of the body to use and feels muscle and ligament pain. <나 혼자 산다>It was noticed after trying at. This exercise, which also enjoyed by Beyonce and Chloe Kardashian, is a combination of swimming and spinning. It was spread after an Italian physiotherapist discovered that turning a pedal in water was good for joint rehabilitation. Just like bike riding on the ground, you can use the water resistance to exercise your buttocks, thighs, calves etc. You can experience the effects of calorie consumption after 2 hours with a 30 minute aqua bike exercise, and weight loss also helps.

Up to 1000 Kcal in 50 minutes consumption!

What is Pilates hanging in the air?

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