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Update Arño is also tight every week

It is a love drama but ~

So, today is the second edition of the boat fashion introduced!

I would like to introduce Jung Hye Jin and Idahui fashion!

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During the play, Jung Hae Jin and Idahui are full of charisma

From office look Femininity is felt a lot

We show various fashion to feminine look

Let’s know it like Update Aruno and Jung Hae Jin & Ida Hui Fashion? GOGO ~

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First of all, as a representative director of the portal site Unicorn, it is Jeon Hye-jin who always shows off a wonderful fashion :-]

Jung Hye Jin shows astrong office look

Show off your suit fashion

With suit that has a attractive vivid color feeling

The jacket where the line stands out

Even the suit fashion was finished uniquely

As well as blouses that show off pattern points

Clean T-shirt item too

The T-shirt looks clean and the shoulders are pointed

I could feel even the feminine mood of Jung Hye Jin

The matching bag with the setup look, even the earring item has catches your glance

Match the earrings to the presence Pum pum on clean square back It is Jung Hye Jin who completed a nice office look

Please take a look at it once

Blouse: On En On

Skirt: Hour Nose Moss

Earrings: Violrina by Seoul Fashion Studio

Bag: Dacron

Shoes: Rachel Cox

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The following attract attention in flashy fashion every time

I’m addicted to fashion

Ida Hui is a portal site’s immediate manager and girl crush

It is a character to bumpumu ~

Gorgeous items such as dresses, short sleeve knitwear and blouses stand out :-]

Various patterns and lace, items of chiffon material

Chahyun fashion is used in various ways

Look at the jewelery items of Idahui

A good earring that gives points to a simple look is also a perfect attraction

I’m so happy to show off various fashions

Full set from shoes to sneakers

In relatively clean design shoes

It’s a great match for your toes.


Pants: Pandora Pit

Earrings: Violrina by Seoul Fashion Studio

Bag: Lapareto

Shoes: Lekken

SourceSource-Enter Search Keyword WWW Official Website

SourceSource-Enter Search Keyword WWW Official Website

Until now it was the introduction of the sword Buryuchon Hejin & Idahui fashion!

From clean styling to gorgeous style

I was able to meet it all

Unique and wonderful fashion for summer this year!

Then the update Arño will come along with the next fashion news Goodbye!

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The true form of chic fashion for this summer

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