Look at Aille fashion that has returned to the hotel president!

tvN “Hotel del Luna”

Heart Serenade

While calling up a great sense of expectation with steel cuts only …

As a wandering but beautiful legendary hotel president Jean Man Wol is playing!

Mysterious concept with many gorgeous costumes.

It is usually lovely and hip hop style

Hotel del Luna suit styling


At Hotel Del Luna Steel Cut

You can see a white suit fashion …!

After all, you can see a lot of white suits this year ~

Shouldn’t it be better to give points with earrings and accessories?

Perfect point with drop earrings-!

Blouse styling

The blouses are just the detail!

Is the universal system that makes the special jacket special just a blouse?

In detail Let’s examine the blouse that makes the most of the glamor

The push bow blouse with a ribbon gives a more elegant impression!

One-piece styling

Source IUInstagram

Source IU Instagram

Source@ skylasie



Source IU Instagram

From maxi dress to medium dress

Digestive genius Ayu …

IU;s Legend Dress Collection

Waiting for more Hotel Del Luna

Investigate IU’s styling!

Whether it’s a drama or a spectacular fashion, it will come and go.

Today is this ….

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