Going on vacation? Then we will help you organize your luggage!

Everyone is going to the sea and the mountains for vacation except myself ~

Are you lonely like me? Let’s leave for the summer!

Even if you’re already ready to leave, let’s check if you’re truly ready! Lol

Overseas, no one knows you! So as much as you want, you can wear clothes that you usually don’t try when you are conscious of other people’s eyes!

If it’s not too much, why don’t you try it once? [Lol]

Striped pattern has the effect of looking cool with marine look, ~

Flower print is a must on the beach! Lol

White costumes and items that do not need apps or reflectors and stars like it too!

If you got all the clothes, let’s prepare the bag.

It would be nice if I could take all the bags in my house ……

It is impossible in reality

After that, even if I look good in clothes

What would be practical items? [Lol]

To put in items necessary for cushions + lipsticks, mobile phones etc. SaddlebackThere is no item that is as good as this!

If you are traveling with your child with a lot of luggage a clean backpack or Big bag are recommended!

If some of you sisters cannot give up the style Belt backWhen Rattan bag

Oh! Put a wet swimsuit PVC ! don’t forget the white bag!

You can’t leave without the espadue shoes!

But they are just too inconvenient!

And slippers are worn much more than we think

I want you to refer to the star’s instagram as it appears a lot

Swimwear is just as important as your other outfits!

Even if you’re not confident with your body, when would you get another chance to wear a beautiful swimsuit?

If you’re doing more active activities like if you book a hopping tour or water leisure sports Rash guardRecommended!

But please, if you’re a couple, can you avoid the same rash guard?

Rather, you can go for a similar look!

If you are looking for a swimsuit for a life shot – try HyonaMe Cho Hyun YoungRecommended – they wear a a white swimsuit

There is also a way to avoid the sun, but at the same time, the styling is completed.

Prepare a hat!

Of course, you can pack an infinite number of things!

Bluetooth Speaker!If you have a good tube, then there is a book, you should lie down on a plane or sunbed and try some reading ….

Let’s put together some film cameras like private entertainers?

Nevertheless, the item that can not be forgotten is sunglasses soon!

It’s not an Asian fit, it’s called a Korean fit. McQSunglasses> _ <

In addition, make sure that you keep fit and healthy!

Isn’t it good for fatigue recovery just to have a good sleep?

Your travel starts from the time you plan before going!

Then I want you to enjoy a perfect vacation with a careful plan ^ _____ ^

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