Fashionista Sta Kang Min Kyung Daily Look

Hello Friends!

today, we introduce to you a Fashionista, famous for a long time

Davichi’s Min Kyung Daily Look Take a look!

Dabichi really looks good with this glitzy fashion!

The sober figure of a student is also very beautiful.

Let’s take a look at the Daily Look once.

Kang Min Kyung who showed up at the airport a few days ago!

It turns out that she wears a lot of wide pants recently!

And Kang Min Kyung mainly bought a pants for men and said that sge would wear less ~~
I like that kind of fit!

Wide pants that can produce a natural pit!
Comfortable + style with items of 1 stone and 2 birds

This time, wide pants with color!

In the weather like now,
If there is a T-shirt in the wide pants of refreshing color
Length is not over?

It is also possible to give points by color Kang Min Kyung sister
One of the Daily Look Points!

Next is as if it is most useful
Combination of denim pants and T-shirt!

The combination of a white T-shirt and denim.
A combination that has been worn by many people from old ancestors?

T-shirts with simple lettering and points
Summer can not be a very cute match!

If you gave a good pair of denim pants, you will wear it for a long time! ~~

Than tight fit pants in the summer
Is it cool to make wide pants cool and stylish?

Well, next! Full of femininity
It’s a blouse!

This older sister, starting from the visible pit
It turned out that a feminine blouse looks really good

Last point, hat!

However style point!

I can write a lot in summer
Let’s try a rattan hat!

My prepared content is up to here!

While watching daily look
Let’s challenge multiple styles, we!

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